Every Sunday night we do a meal and church service for the homeless in downtown Minneapolis.

Last night the message was delivered from a man who has 32 years of sobriety, was in prison and now goes into the prisons to share hope.

And as I was sitting there listening to his message tears filled my eyes. He shared on how Jesus didn’t minister to the Pharisees, he sat with the lepers, the most broken of them all, and said “I want YOU. Even in your most ugly moment, I want you and I will heal you.” I couldn’t help but think about our lost kids.

I looked around the room and there were 50 homeless, hopeless, precious souls, most of them high or drunk that got to hear this message that they are never too lost to be found. Many were crying. Many came up for prayer after the service. But no matter how “high” they were, I have no doubt they ALL heard the message and felt a stirring in their hearts.

I don’t know where your loved one is sleeping tonight, but my prayer is that they are somewhere like we were last night. That it’s possible that they will be sitting in a homeless shelter or at a dinner and they too, will hear someone say “you are not too broken to be fully loved, fully accepted and fully healed by the one who created you.”

Or maybe YOU are the one who is lost. Please know that you are never, ever too broken or too lost to be found.

That is grace.

Pam Lanhart, January 8, 2018


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